When To Put Up Wooden Blinds

Every space inside the house has its own character that is reflected through the kind of interior, hangings and window treatments. As far as window blinds and shades are concerned, an easy going and laidback space like your living room, the bedroom or the sitting area may give you the margin to experiment with colors and textures of a unique kind but there are certain areas of the house where playing it safe and maintaining an air of formality is much needed since you spend a major amount of money on these spaces and as such, experimenting unnecessarily may end up breaking your bank if the outcome does not turn out to be as you expected. Putting up wooden blinds is one such option where you need to be sure of the success of your spending.

Put them up in guest rooms

Wooden blinds radiate a comforting and homely feel, especially the light colored ones. Putting them up in spaces where your guests are expected to sit will help them settle down better and easily.

Set the mood of your study area

Your reading room or the study area requires a certain solemnity yet be comfortable. Dark colored wooden blinds will help you strike that balance in your study; making it look formal enough for studying yet soothing enough for you to feel good.

For dimly lit dining areas

The dining areas in often cases are kept dimly lit to give the whole area an ambience of peacefulness and calm, the scientific importance of which while eating is time and again proven. Wooden blinds are of great help in maintaining such a space the way described above. Unlike fabric blinds, wooden blinds when shut down, can completely block off light and sound distractions to some extent as well.

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