How to Keep your Greenhouse Safe During All Seasons

All those with greenhouses often find it difficult to channel the amount of natural light required in order to keep it functioning properly. This practice becomes even more daunting when cloudy days, harsh winters, and sweltering summers present themselves. Among the many means used to manipulate this game of little or more light, window treatments have so far delivered positive results.

However, it isn’t as simple as getting them installed. The real task is to make the most of them during all seasons. In this blog post, we will look at that.

Correct Sizing is Important

Anyone who has been to a greenhouse knows that the sizes of all the windows and doors differ. Neither do they follow a pattern nor are they all of the same size. Their sizes depend on their placement with respect to sunlight, which makes it essential to get their sizes accurate when getting new blinds and shades. Whatever type of window treatments you plan on getting done, the right measurement will make all the difference.

Making the Most of Your Window Treatments in both Summers and Winters:

Another reason why you should invest in quality window treatments for your greenhouse during winters is that once you do, you will save money in the longer run. The trick is to act smartly and make the most of your window treatments. On cold wintery days, raise the shade or blinds in of the greenhouse windows to allow maximum sunlight to reach the plants. This way, the plants will soak up the heat. As soon as the sun starts to go down, lower the blinds or shades so that the heat stays trapped inside.

When summers come, reverse the process. Keep the blinds lowered during day time to keep most of the heat out, and raise them as the sun starts to set, to allow the natural air from the outside to keep your residence cool.

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