Deciding on Window Treatments for your Bathroom

Unlike wall tiles or flooring, we see bathroom windows as functional parts of the room and not as design elements. This is the reason most of us typically overlook their importance. The choice of bathroom window treatments can play a huge role in the privacy and lighting of the bathroom. As the bathroom is a small space, natural lighting becomes really important. However, this space in your room also requires some serious cover up. Let’s look at some window treatments for your kitchen that offer lighting, privacy, and style.

Wooden Blinds

As they go with a wide range of decors, wooden blinds are a popular choice for bathrooms. Additionally, it is easy to clean them and they allow a substantial amount of lighting to enter the bathroom.

Interior Shutters

A lot of bathrooms in England and Britain feature interior shutters. You can ensure privacy on the bottom half of a window while leaving the top half open with this classic window treatment.

Window Film

With a lot of design options, window film offers an inexpensive solution to bathroom privacy issues.

Glass Blocks

While letting an entire wall of light into the space, glass blocks obscure everything on the inside.

Woven shades

Without having to worry about the damaging effects of the moisture on the treatments, woven wooden shades are a wonderful way for you to add the look of wood to your bathroom. Privacy and a well-lit room is what woven shades offers you as they will let in sunlight even when pulled down.

Custom draperies

Installing long drapes on the windows will be a good idea if you wish to give your bathroom an elegant and romantic look. Providing you with the privacy you desire, these window treatments are not susceptible to damage from anything that happens in the bathroom.

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