Window Treatments: Do’s and Don’ts
Redecorating your home is always fun – it lifts your spirits and makes you more excited and relaxed from within. Window treatments play an integral role in defining the interiors of your home – here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider when shopping for the lot! Take a look:
Select the Right Type
The choices out there are huge – from eco-friendly shades to roman blinds that give an ethereal touch. There is a lot to experiment when it comes to window treatments and any choice can bring a dramatic twist to the interiors of your home. Apart from the colors and designs, focus on the tiny details. Do you need light filtering or noise blocking? Would you go for cordless blinds or flowing drapes? What colors and fabrics are easier to clean and soothing to the eyes? Plan it all to save yourself from any unexpected surprises later on!
Check out Samples
Yes, you may have fallen heads over heels in love with the gorgeous set of drapes you saw at a catalogue last week. But is it the right choice for your home? Will the colors and textures work well with your interiors and how convenient is the cleaning and maintenance? Always ask for samples beforehand, comparing every factor before the final selection.
Don’t –
Go Too Dark
You might be sorely tempted by light blocking drapes and heavy curtains, but the end result may be too depressing. A better choice is to go for light filtering blinds and shades that let you control the amount of sunlight that enters your home at different times. Doing so not only makes your home comfortable but also saves you on energy bills!
Go Too Short or Too Long
A long, flowing look is much more elegant than curtains that end abruptly halfway, but they may also be difficult to clean and pose safety hazards if you have toddlers or pets in the home. A smart idea is to mix and match and go for versatile fittings – a professional can guide you best on which window treatments in what lengths would work best for the different rooms in your home.

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