Window Treatment Design Trends That Are All the Hype In 2017

Windows are an essential element in every house, no matter how big or small. They allow natural light and air to circulate in the house. Now that we are already deep in 2017, we have noticed some emerging trends that have taken over the previous ones.

The entire interior design world has also noticed the shift and it isn’t just us who have had clients demanding them. So how has 2017 changed the scope of window treatments? Let’s find out!

  1. Matte Finish

A matte finish is taking over those glossy and high shine window treatments, which were popular some time ago. Homeowners are ditching the traditional woolen draperies that weigh tons and replacing them with sleek matte shutters or stains with a matte finish.

  1. Sleek Shades

Homeowners are opting for a more streamlined look when it comes to window shades. Perhaps it is the “less is more” trend that is making them do so. 2017 is saying good bye to chunky, over-the-top window treatments and replacing them with sleek designs that allow sun exposure in the perfect balance.

  1. Earthy Tones

2017 has also revolutionized the conventional window treatment colors. Bluer tones reigned supreme a while ago but they are gone this year. More and more homeowners are choosing earthy pastel colors over darker tones to soften the overall stern look of window treatments. If you are soon investing in one, go with shades of lavender, bluish pink, green and the likes.

  1. Automation

Not so long ago, we were introduced to window treatments with wands or cords. However, 2017 has a more refined version of the same available. Feeling the sun in your face as you are watching TV on your day off? No need to get up and close them as you can do the same from your Smartphone now. Motorization of window treatments is preferred by modernists who love the tech overtake. Shades can now be operated with the touch of a button on your laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

  1. Organic Resources

Millennials are environmental-friendly. They are the conservators of the universe and want everything made of organic materials, from food to their bed. Witnessing this positive change, window treatments available today are made from organic materials like bamboo, linen or woven woods. Not only do they bring an aesthetic appeal to your windows, there textures are also more vivid in nature.

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