Window Coverings and Window Treatments: Aren’t they the Same?

No, they aren’t!

Being in the window treatment profession for years now, I often have to correct my clients as to what they are asking for and what they actually need. You may be looking for window treatments to enhance the interior look of a room and what you come asking for are window coverings. If not much, there is a tiny difference between the two, and it is time we set the record straight so that you sensible readers don’t go bantering about them anymore!

Window Treatments:

Any item that is placed on, around, or over a window to beautify it and give it some character is classified as a window treatment. Think of it as an actual treatment offered to a patient. The end result is a much better and healthier looking glass window. Techniques involved usually include etching, frosted glass installation, plastic film application, sandblasting and at times, paneling.

Window Coverings:

Like the title itself makes it clear, window coverings are anything from shutters to heavy and thick drapes that reduce the amount of sunlight reaching into the room. These add-ons are usually installed on the inner side of the windows; however, this doesn’t have to be a norm. In some instances, they are also installed as shades on the outer side of the windows, like you see in some storefronts.

Like I said, there seems to be a very little but significant difference between the two. Both of them feature drapes, blinds, and curtains; however, window coverings also involve the use of shutters to block the sunlight, whereas window treatments involve treatment done onto the glass itself.

Final Verdict:

They can be used simultaneously as both of them feature similar functions, but now that you know, you can correct someone who wants to have sunlight shielding blinds, or just to accentuate some character into a dull looking room. Their slightly differ in terms of pricing as well. So, if you are on a tight budget, you better get what you and your windows need!

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