What Kept Me From Getting Window Treatments For Years?

The reason some people don’t get window treatments installed is because they have many misconceptions about them. Few think they are hard to install, while others believe their windows are too irregularly-shaped that they won’t find suitable window treatments for their home.

This time around, we are looking at 5 such myths some people blindly believe in, those which prevent them from getting window treatments in their homes or offices.

Myth # 1: Finding Window Treatments That Go Well With My Home Décor Is Hard:

At Martha’s Blinds, you can find hundreds of window treatments in different sizes, types, and patterns to match your home décor. If, by any chance, you still aren’t satisfied with the choices we have, we can also have them tailored for you.

Myth # 2: Window Treatments Completely Block the Light:

Our extensive range of window treatment collections come in different shades, both dark and subtle, and are only recommended if our clients want them. If the only purpose you want for your window treatments to serve is to enhance their beauty, you can order them accordingly. Most of our treatments only cut out the glare while still allowing natural light to enter and keep your home bright.

Myth # 3: My Windows Aren’t of a Standard Size. So, I Won’t Find The Ones I Need:

When working with us, you have the leverage to get your window treatments customized. In case your windows aren’t of regular shapes or standard sizes, we can also install more than one treatment, making sure that they are uniform.

Myth # 4: Window Treatments Are Very Expensive:

The cost of window treatments depends on not one, but many factors. What type of treatments are you getting, what is the size of your windows, are you getting them installed in just one room or the whole house are some of things you need to consider. However, you can rest assured that at Martha’s blinds, we have competitive prices and the highest quality of window treatments for all our clients.

Myth # 5: Window Coverings Are Hard to Clean:

This solely depends on where you live, how windy or dusty your area gets, and what weather your window treatments are exposed to. People living near the shore might have to clean their window coverings on a regular basis as sand can easily accumulate and make the view muddled. But even then, they are quite easily cleaned and require hardly a few minutes of your time to get it done.

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