Vignette Blinds: Contemporary, Sophisticated and Functional!

Choosing between blinds and curtains for window treatments is always a tough task. You want the easy functionality of the blinds, but at the same time, the soft and elaborate look created by curtains seems endearing too. So, what do you do?

Now what if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds with vignette blinds? Vignette blinds have been around for a while now – but not a lot of people know about them. You don’t have to be one of those people.

Here’s why you should totally opt for vignette blinds when trying to balance sophistication, modernity, and functionality:

A Contemporary Twist on Traditional Roman Blinds

Vignette blinds come with consistent folds that infuse additional dimension to complete the look of your space. The hidden rear cords make sure your windows look crisp and uncluttered – with defining clean lines of minimalism. Plus, you can choose the fold style that works best with your design.

The Fabric Element

Fabrics are great for adding colors and textures to your interior design. They help you create the final impression of your interior design, be it bold, soft, or whimsical – whichever you prefer. With vignette blinds, you can choose from some of the most exclusive fabrics and rich textures to get the finished look you want – while keeping the functionality intact.

Customizing Option with Lifetime Guarantee

The Hunter Douglas blinds come with lifetime guarantee. So, you don’t have to worry about the design, assembling, or quality setbacks when you’re purchasing vignette blinds. In addition to that, these blinds are fully customizable – and we’re not just talking about the fabrics and folds here. You get to decide the size, the fold orientation, the colors, the textures – everything that you need to have the perfect vignette blinds for your rooms.

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