4 Reasons Vertical Blinds Are So Popular

Even though natural light flooding into a room is usually viewed as a positive, if you cannot see the TV screen or are literally being blinded by that light it doesn’t seem quite so much of a good thing.

One way of controlling the light that enters your room is by having vertical blinds installed on your windows.

If you are squinting due to excessive light, then read on to find out exactly what a vertical blind can do for you.

1. Vertical Versatility

Whether you want all the light blocked out or want your room to have a soft and ambient glow, vertical blinds are the perfect solution. The pulley system allows you to adjust the vertical panels to allow as little or as much light in as you want. They are by far the easiest blinds to operate when controlling light and this is one reason why (when there is so much competition) vertical blinds are still the number one choice for window treatments.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

From both inside and out there is no denying that vertical blinds are very pleasing from a visual aspect. Their cool, clean lines can instantly lift the appearance of a room and from the outside they add value instantly to the curb appeal of your home. Curtains can often look bulky and messy but thanks to the clever weights in the bottom of the blinds, they are kept perfectly vertical making them a great choice for any room in the home.

3. Every Color Under the Rainbow

There was a time where everyone thought that vertical blinds had to be neutral, however that is no longer the case. Whatever your color scheme, there’s a blind to suit. A trendy, minimalist bedroom can be set off perfectly by a set of black vertical blinds which not only looks cool but acts as a blackout if you need to sleep when it’s light outside. Red, purple, green, blue, the list of color choice just goes on and on. While many still prefer neutral simply because they can redecorate without fear of their blinds clashing, some householders are going all out to make their blinds as colorful as the rest of the room.

4. Magic Materials

If you haven’t looked at the choice of vertical blinds recently you may be in for a shock. Those who are fans of the industrial home furnishings trend will adore the aluminium vertical blinds which look amazing hanging at a window. They don’t need taking down and cleaning either, just a dusting or a rub over with a wet wipe. This makes them easy to care for and maintain as well as being functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you want fabric blinds however, there is a vast selection to choose from in different thicknesses which come in either plain or with a subtle pattern. The majority of these can be popped into the washing machine rolled up and secured with an elastic band to get them back to looking as good as new. Make sure, however, that your blinds are washable as the last thing you want is to hang up your lovely clean blind to discover they have shrunk by six inches!

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