5 Trends in Modern Window Treatments That You Must Check Out
Thinking to revamp your home this spring? Check out the following trends that are considered in vogue for home design in 2015:
Layer it Up the Smart Way!
Layering is always a popular option when it comes to home renovation with grandeur – they give your interiors a more distinct definition, add to the luxurious feel and may also play a positive role in enhancing the value of your property if you are intending to sell. However, layering wrong may make your room appear too clogged and dark and also make cleaning and maintenance harder. Thus, it is best to use blending techniques, add subtle shades and appropriate fabrics and focus on the material of the drapes, blinds or curtains to create a layering effect that looks moderns and stays unique in every season!
Patterns and Color Blocking
While a lot of people prefer subtle shades and muted tones for their window treatments, home décor magazines are flooding with color blocking and pattern splashing ideas to give a retro twist to your interiors. Geometric patterns, bold color blocks and even soft florals and abstract designs can go a long way in making your walls pop out and give an entirely new touch to your home or office.
The Eco Avatar!
The use of sustainable, environment friendly materials in draping and curtains is becoming more and more popular these days, with grass, reeds and bamboo wood shades making the interiors all the more rustic and rugged with their subtle allure. They are available not just in their natural colors but an array of other shades as well, making them practical and more fitting for any kind of décor or room in your home.
Go Roman!
Roman blinds are not only a great addition for your windows but look equally appealing in front doors and patio enclaves as well. Available in amazing patterns and lovely colors, these window treatments not only act as shielding for the windows but also make a unique, distinct statement with their individual personality.  Call Blinds & Shades By Martha for all your window treatment needs. Serving Miami Coral Springs Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas.


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