Tips to Choose the Right Window Treatment Fabrics
Hunting the market for the best colors and styles available for your new window treatments but can’t decide on the fabric? The material of your window coverings is perhaps the most important thing to consider, and it varies considerably on the choice of rooms, your budget preferences, your intended use etc.
Here are some guidelines on shopping for the right fabric for your window treatments that proves to be a worthwhile investment today and tomorrow:
The Feel
Heavy and long length curtains pose a characteristic grandeur and luxurious appeal, but they won’t be too practical and airy if you want to create a clean, open and light environment in your room. Decide as per the use of room that you are choosing the drapes for – go for light and breathable fabrics for a relaxing feel, and heavier, more textured materials to enhance privacy.
The Room
Another important thing to consider when choosing the window treatment fabric is the room where you will be hanging them. In bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchens where it is going to be too humid, use appropriate fabrics that are more durable and easy to wash and maintain. The choice of fabric also depends on where your home is located – places where there is a lot of public access or those that are close to the beach etc. require more sturdier fabrics for window treatments to enhance privacy of your family.
The Texture
How much natural light are you going to need? Blackout curtains are especially designed to block out sunlight and keep the interiors dark even during the day. Thus, they are particularly suitable for nurseries etc., where you want to keep it dark even in daytime to ensure a disturbance-free naptime for your little one. Similarly, the texture, feel and color also depend a lot on your intended use of the room – go for funkier shades yet easy to clean material in kids’ rooms and professional looking shades and blinds in home offices.
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