Roller Shades: The Perfect Choice For A Variety Of Interiors

Modern roller shades are long lasting, practical and durable, making them an ideal fit for most window treatments. Whether you prefer a simple look or want to create your own decorative statement, finding the perfect roller shade is just a short shopping trip away.

Best of all, roller shades are very cost effective and easy to look after. Here is how roller shades can give your home an affordable makeover.

Functional Design

Roller shades cover your entire window when they are drawn, making them an awesome option for both blocking out the sunlight in summer and retaining the heat in the fall or winter. They are easily operated thanks to a spring mechanism which is hung at the top of the window, and they offer a cool, clean look that provides every room with both style and functionality.


As a general rule, most roller shades are made from quite a stiff material. There is, however, a wide variety of choice for those who want an altogether softer look. It all comes down to personal style preference. A clean, simple look can be achieved with a white roller shade.

Those who want a shade that offers texture and/or a graphical element, this will make your window way more interesting. There are also roller shades made from thin fabric which lets a soft element of light into a room, giving a pleasing ambience. Whereas those who want light eliminated completely, a night shift worker who sleeps through the day for example, or for a baby’s nursery, can choose a roller shade made from a thicker, tightly woven material. This will block out the light entirely.


When choosing the ideal roller shade for your home, you have a choice of either an inside or outside mount. This term applies to the way of hanging your roller shades, and which you choose comes down to your own aesthetic preference.

Roller shades with inside mounts sit inside the recess of the window frame making the shades flush with your wall. The outside mounted models hang outside of the window recess and can cover a much larger area. If you like the appearance of the inside mounted roller shades your window must have a recess of at least 3 inches in order to accommodate the mechanism which is needed to operate the roller shades.

Size Really Does Matter!

Determining the right size for your roller shades depends very much on whether you have chosen the inside or outside mounted models. For the inside mounts the expert from the blind company will measure the inside of the window frame carefully from both top to bottom and from side to side. They will also need to determine the depth. For the outside mounted roller shades they will measure from the point at which they intend hanging the shade to the point where you would like it to hang at.

We hope this basic guide will have helped you decide whether or not roller shades are the best solution for you.

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