Roller Shades- A Classic Combination of Elegance and Functionality

When it comes to window treatment options, roller shades are hot sellers among office and homeowners. Despite being around for the longest time, these shades still remain among the most popular window coverings on the market, known for elegant design and superior functionality.

Roller shades are also called roll up shades and roller blinds. They can be used to cover a variety of window sizes. They are an easy and an affordable way to add style, color and texture to your décor and offer superior benefits like light filtration and privacy control.

Roll up Shades-How Fabric Selection Matters

Roll up shades are available in a large variety of fabric choices. Each fabric offers different levels of light filtration and privacy control. So, it’s important to choose a fabric for roll up shades according to how you would like to regulate light. For example:

  • Sheer fabrics are translucent and airy. It makes a great fabric choice if you want the light and air to enter your room while maintaining your privacy.

  • Light filtering fabric offers a soft outline of the outdoors

  • Room darkening fabric is a good option for those who want to dim the room significantly

  • And the blackout fabric makes a perfect choice for those who want maximum privacy during the day and wish to block light from entering their room completely.

Go Creative with Roll up Shades

You can choose roll up shade fabrics in different hues and patterns like stripes and jacquards and embellish them with beaded trim or a scalloped hem to make your roller shades look more stylish and unique. It’s a great way to add a sophisticated flair to your room with a personalized touch.

For more information on roller shades or professional assistance, feel free to contact us. We can help you find the best roll up shades manufacturer and help you with your fabric selection.

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