I Crave Quietness: Can I Get Some With Window Treatments?

Surrounded by noisy neighbors who like partying hard late into the night, or are the horns of the cars just too much to offer even a moment’s solace?

With the right window treatments, you can reduce that noise to a bare minimum. Noise-reducing blinds and shades, although they don’t completely block out the noise, are helpful in getting rid of some of it. The result is a quieter and peaceful home. In this blog post, we will briefly talk about such blinds and shades that help reduce the noise level in your homes when installed.

Roman Shades

Since they are made from fabric, this quality helps them block out the noise from the outside, preventing it from entering the room. They can also be lined with a blackout liner to further reduce the noise. The thicker the fabric, the better it will be at blocking out the noise.

Cellular Shades

Commonly referred to as honeycombs due to their shape of construction, they are also great when it comes to trapping outside noise the same way they prevent the air from passing through the windows and entering into the room. When looking for the highest level of protection, layer them up with double cells and you will barely hear a thing.


Drapes, such as roman shades, are made of fabric which helps them suppress those sounds from the outside. The thicker the fabric, the better the chances of keeping all that outside noise at bay. They are perfect for when you are looking to blank out both, noise and light, from entering into your bedroom. They can also be paired with cellular or plated shades for the maximum impact.

Pleated Shades

Lastly, we have the pleated shades. They too are effective when it comes to noise-reduction in condos or apartments. They can be made using different fabrics and feature pleats which help with insulation and noise reduction. They work the best when paired with other shades and liners.

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