Alustra Silhouette Window Treatments-Protect Your Furniture from Sun Damage with Style

Exposure to sunlight is good, but to an extent. Too much of it can be harmful and damaging; not only for you but also for your room furniture and other interior pieces. The radiation from the sun can significantly affect the aesthetics and longevity of your furniture. It dulls the colors of the drapery, furniture and flooring, bringing down the overall look of the room. Having to replace them over and over is both hectic and costly.

Fabric damage, furniture fading, and discoloration are all consequences of too much sunlight penetrating in the room. Experts say that there are 3 main culprits in the spectrum of the light responsible for causing damage to your expensive room fixtures and furniture:

  • UVA & UVB rays cause 45% of the damage

  • Infrared rays 25 percent

  • And other visible source of light 25 percent

Take a closer look at the furniture that receives direct sunlight and the furniture is away from your windows; you’ll see a great difference.

Unfortunately, the damage from the sun cannot be undone but you can always prevent it from getting worse and destroying your new furniture yet again. Wondering how? It’s simple; look for window treatments that block the sun’s damaging rays from entering your home without having to compromise on the view.

A good choice will be Alustra Silhouette window treatments from Hunter Douglas. Its unique S-shaped vane design and 2 sheer fabric layers block nearly 95 percent of the sun’s harmful radiation. It softly filters out glare, UV rays, brightness, and spreads light evenly in the room, protecting your furniture and drapes from fading and discoloration while maintaining a nice outside view. Its stylish visual appearance adds elegance to the room. Simply put, it is both functional and fashionable.

To learn more Alustra Silhouette window treatments from Hunter Douglas, get in touch with us today! Blinds & Shades by Martha serving Miami Coral Springs Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas (954)338-7769

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