Pros and Cons of honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades, otherwise known as cellular shades, are pleated shades made from fabrics that resemble cells. These shades prove to be an effective choice for window blinds and are manufactured by popular brands such as Hunter Douglas and Norman Shutters. In this article we assess the extent to which honeycomb shades are effective for your home.


Great insulation

Honeycomb shades provide great insulation to your windows. It has the feature to trap air which allows keeping your room warm in the winter and cold during the summer. In winters for instance, the cold winds get trapped in its cell-like holes and you can continue to stay cozy in your room.


If you have noisy neighbors, then honeycomb shades are perfect for you. Its top-down/bottom-up feature means that you can let light brighten up your room while maintaining your privacy and preference for silence.

Variety of light control options

Honeycomb shades provide a range of light control options that you can choose to suit your needs. Some fabrics allow complete light-blocking and other fabrics enable semi-opaque light-blocking. Therefore, if you want more light for your living room, you can choose fabrics that let as much sunlight to shine through your room.

Honeycomb shades however do have some drawbacks.

Cannot tilt

Honeycomb shades do not feature vane tilting unlike aluminum or wooden blinds. They are available in multiple shapes, patterns and designs; however, they are not as versatile as other window treatments. Although, a combination of different fabrics can be used to allow more light, it does not offer a turn on-turn off feature.

Not very decorative

Honeycomb shades are not as attractive as other window treatments. Although a number of fabrics can be selected, many users use it in combination with more aesthetically appealing window blinds and shades.

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