Prevent Heat Loss During Winters by Getting Window Treatments

As soon as the first round of chilly winds sets foot in our states, we rush to close all the windows, have them covered with thick curtains, turn on our heating systems, and give our fireplace a much needed cleaning for later use. We do all this to keep the cold air from entering into our home, but are we doing anything to keep the heat inside from escaping?

Can that be done, you may ask?

With the right window treatments, it can!

When compared to a wall, glass windows offer lesser insulation, which is why an extra sheet of protection becomes a must. The R-value of glass materials offers lower resistance to heat flow; the greater the R-value, the greater the resistance.

Here are 4 different types of window treatments to keep your house insulated.


Traditional drapes have been known to lower heat loss by up to 10% since they are made from thick fabrics that trap heat from escaping. For maximum impact, drapes should be hanged closest to the window pane. They can also be lined with a cornice on both sides to reduce heat loss by 25%.


Like drapes, they too lower heat loss and keep rooms insulted for longer durations. Quilts have layers of polyester in them that acts as a barrier that limits the amount of heat that escapes. They too can reduce the loss of heat by up to 25%.

Window Film

Clear films are great for 2 reasons. Firstly, they don’t block the view from the widow and secondly, they can reduce heat loss by 25%-40%. The films come coated with a layer of metal that prevents air from escaping. You might be able to view the metal coating from inside, but it can easily be seen shining in the sun as it reflects the rays, just like a mirror.

Roller Shades

Roller shades insulate rooms by blocking the convention currents as long as they remain shut or have been installed closer to the window glass, allowing little to no space for the heat to escape. The multiple layering of sheets within makes this possible.

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