Motorized Shades: 5 Things That You Need to Know

Tired of having to pull the shades every evening? Are you considering installing motorized shades? We take a look at 5 things that you need to know.

motorized shades

What’s on your windows?

If you’ve got an old set of dingy, plastic, horizontal blinds, we’re talking to you. There are better options. It’s time for an upgrade!

Not only are newer blinds better looking, but they’ve also advanced with the technology of the times. Say goodbye to manual pull-cords and energy inefficiency. And say hello to motorized shades!

Check out this article for 5 things you need to know about motorized shades.

1. They Look Better

Okay, we’ll say it. New, motorized shades look better than those old blinds from decades past.

There are a ton of options to customize shades to fit your style.. They’re also available in different colors and opacity to create the perfect ambiance for any room.

Without pull-cords, motorized shades give your home a clean, modern look. And they work for all shapes of windows. So you aren’t stuck with boring, rectangular options.

2. They’re Quiet

The motors on today’s motorized shades are quiet and the movement is smooth, not jerky. Program them with different stopping points to give you options for light and privacy.

Choose between AC power and battery power. This gives you flexibility in where you want your shades. In the past, shades only ran on AC power.

That’s nice when you don’t want to change batteries. But it causes an issue if you want a shade in a place where power is not available. New battery power units are long-lasting and give you that flexibility.

3. Safety and Convenience in One Package

Pull-cords present a safety hazard to children and pets. You don’t have this issue when you opt for motorized blinds. Plus, you have the option to move them via a remote of a phone app from anywhere in your home.

Many models have an easy programming function that lets you program when your blinds move. This is not only convenient, but it adds another level of home security. When people see blinds moving inside your home, they assume you’re there, which deters potential break-ins.

4. Energy Efficiency

Auto programming has its benefits for your wallet too. When you’re out of the home, your shades program can automatically close the shades at a certain time of day.

Or you can opt for a sun sensor. This sensor tells the shade to close on its own when the sun is at its brightest. This keeps your air conditioner from running and it keeps the sun off your valuable furniture.

5. They’re Not Only for Windows

Get creative for where you place motorized shades. Install motorized hardware to hangings that cover up entertainment centers. Or use a large, motorized drape as a movie projections screen.

Use them to protect and cover artwork on the walls when you aren’t there. Or divide a room using a floor-to-ceiling drape as a privacy screen. There are lots of options.

Are You Ready for Motorized Shades?

Motorized shades are a great investment. They’ll even improve the resale value of your home. And they look great!

Remember, they’re quiet and smooth. And run on AC or battery power, whatever is more convenient for you. Plus, they’ll save you money on your monthly energy bills.

They’re safe, protecting your home from break-ins and your children and pets from cord tangles. And they’re convenient with auto-programming and remote control. Add these beautiful shades to windows of all sizes and shapes.

Are you ready for motorized shades? At Blinds and Shades by Martha, we can put together a shade package that’s tailor-made for your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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