Minimalistic Window Treatment Trends

Window treatment trends have, in recent times, seen a shift towards designs that have sophisticated and minimalistic appeal. An insight into the trend forecasts for window treatments reveals how simplicity and plainness is dominating especially in more urban settings. While trying to set a perfectly minimal interior, the goal is to unify and give an appearance of convergence to all the elements; the success of which depends largely on the window treatments as well.

There are a variety of such designs of blinds and shades that fit into such a requirement and allow you to include that discreet and plain appeal to your windows.

Roller Blinds

This type of blinds appeals the most to those with a taste for minimalism. They are equally discreet whether open or closed and work especially well in spaces where there are multiple large windows and window treatments need to be kept simple so that they do not get imposing and over powering over the rest of the interior.

White Shutters

Shutter blinds in a neutral color like white add to the minimalist element of your interior. Since they are simply designed, they do not disturb or break the plainness that you have achieved. When open, they become all the more discreet since the light coming in seems to further subdue the white color.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds add an element of sleek lines to the interior which is often the goal while rooting for a minimalistic look through window treatments. Due to being parallel along the walls and doors, they seem to perfectly blend in the interior and do not appear as something that is coming out of the rest of the setting. Even if you put colored vertical blinds, they will not disrupt the simplicity because of the element of elongation that is innate in them.

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