Make Your Home Office Inviting with Window Treatments
Designing your home office? Inspiration starts with the right décor – the more you make an effort to create a professional environment at your home office, the better you will be able to concentrate.
Check out our tips for making it shine with the right window treatments!
Make Some Space!
All of us want a home office that has a lot of room for shelves, desks, books and what not. But the reality is far from that. You often have to work in cramped corners, taking calls from the corner of your living room. However, the trick to make any room appear larger lies in the details. Colors and textures go a long way in making a room feel more open and welcoming. The best choice is to go for flowing, lightweight curtains and drapes in colors that make you feel motivated in the first glance! Yellow defines energy, green tranquility and blue and muted whites add a touch of elegance and peace the surroundings. Go for the one that suits you best!
The Lighting Situation
Flexibility in controlling the light that comes in your room is a focal point in designing your home office. You need a balance of something that isn’t too dark or too bright, and for that reason its best to go for automatic or remote controlled blinds and shades that let you conveniently filter the amount of sunlight passing through.
Cut Down on the Noise
From the traffic outside to the neighborhood gossip – you need to block out on all the disturbing voices if you want to work in peace. Heavier curtains and drapes made of thicker fabrics will help reduce the level of noise coming in, making the home office all the more comfortable for you to work long hours.
Struggling with the design and décor for your home office with the limited space and budget you have? Call Blinds & Shades By Martha to get started with the right window treatments for your home or office.
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