Make Your Baby’s Nursery Special with these Window Treatments!
Welcoming your bundle of joy in your home can prove to be a feeling like no other. It all starts to feel real when you start planning and decorating their room – and that’s when the tiny details come in. What theme should the room be in? How can you make it baby friendly and safe? What type of furniture should you select? Though the entire experience can be overwhelming, the joy is immense and you are going to cherish it when your new born grows, rests and plays in that room. Window treatments for the baby’s nursery are a very important part of the décor – in fact; they can change the entire look and feel of the place!

Here are a few tips and ideas to make your little’ one’s nursery all the more beautiful and unique:

Choose the Right Type

Always invest in quality window blinds, and use blackout shades that make the room darker and more comfortable for your baby at all times. You will soon notice that your toddler will most likely keep you up at night – having blackout shades will ensure that their nursery is comfy, dark and free of disruption even during daytime naps!

Make it Child Safe

As soon as your baby starts crawling, these window blinds can turn out to be their favorite toy! Cords and strings hanging around may pose a hazard of strangulation, and you should always therefore have safety equipment installed to keep them tucked out of place. A good choice is remote control operated blinds that have no strings or cords hanging around! Also, make sure that your window treatments, whether they are curtains or blinds, are short and out of reach of your crawling toddler. If they are within reach, your baby may end up pulling them and this may prove to be hazardous if you are not around to keep an eye.

Play Around with Styles and Themes

Want to do a princess inspired nursery for your little angel? Great news is that you can even get blinds and window treatments with the same level of detailing! Browse through drapes with specific Disney themes, safari themes or animal patterns in inviting colors that pop up to make your child’s nursery a playful haven for them in their early years.

Create a Budget Friendly Nursery!

Running short on cash to do a complete revamp for your baby’s room? Not to worry! You can add a splash of color to plain walls and neutral rooms with colorful window treatments, themed drapes and fun blinds! The use of bold colors and captivating window treatments will not only make the nursery beautiful, but also play a vital role in your child’s emotional and psychological development. Babies respond well to bold hues and colors around them, and adding this vibrant touch in your baby’s nursery can prove to be the perfect welcome that you can give them in their home and in your life!

Need more inspiration and ideas on how to select the best window treatments for your baby’s nursery or kids’ play room? Call Blinds & Shades By Martha now and let us guide you in the right direction!

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