Cleaning and Maintaining Blinds and Shades

Just like you regularly clean every piece of furniture in your home and vacuum your carpet to get rid of dust and dirt, your window treatments also require some cleaning after every few weeks to ensure that they look their best and do not become hazy, blurring the view as a result. Most homeowners find this practice daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. They rarely need washing and can be cleaned using just a few fabrics and cleaners. If you have window treatments installed and are looking for ways to maintain their shine, here is how you can do so.

  1. Wood

They should be cleaned in the same way you clean your other wooden furniture pieces. A regular polish after every few months will keep them shiny and new. All you need is a polish spray and a piece of soft cloth. Simply spray a little polish spray on each slat and wipe it off with a cloth to ensure that no dust residue remains.

  1. Insulating Blinds

The best way to clean this type of shade is to use a hand-held vacuum duster set on a low speed and clean it. If you notice a few stains, get a wet cloth damped in detergent water and gently rub it over the area. Don’t rub too hard though; simply dab.

  1. Faux-Wood

A hand-held duster or vacuum will work perfectly fine when it comes to cleaning faux-wooden shades. This helps get rid of any dust or dirt that may have settled on it.

  1. Roller Shades

They may require a little spot cleaning if the ones you have are made out of light-colored fabrics. Their textured prints become latching points for dirt and dust and therefore, need some thorough cleaning every now and then.

  1. Roman Shades

They too can be cleaned in the same way you clean your insulating shades. However, be sure to read the manual first as all roman shades don’t have the same fabric. The safest way to have them cleaned is to use a hand-held vacuum fitted with a brush. Set it to a low suction setting to catch all the dirt and dust.

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