Living Room Aesthetics-Window Blinds

Blinds play an instrumental role in brightening up or toning down the lighting and the over-all ambience of your home. And doing so for the living room requires much more attention and a detailed eye since it is the most frequented part of the house. There is a certain balance that you have to hit in terms of maintaining enough privacy in the living room yet leaving enough openness, space and light for breathing and not ending up feeling suffocated. An overtly lit living room may exude an outdoorsy impact while a dimly lit one may release depressing energy. So to reach a harmonious decision as to what kind of blinds to purchase, here are a few considerations that would help a great deal.

Living Room Walls

Your living room walls are active indicators of what kind of blinds you must choose. The number one rule for making things stand out is to place them against something in contrast. Same applies for colors. If your walls are painted in light pastel shades or simple white, you might risk getting dark colored blinds so their darkness can well be compensated by the lightness of walls.

Take Furniture In Consideration

Furniture can be the most or the least imposing feature depending upon how you balance it against other design elements of the room. If you have traditionally carved Victorian style furniture, you might want to go easy on the blinds and choose designs that let the furniture stand out while negating the possibility of any mish mash being created by two imposing features; or vice versa.

Direction Of Light

This undeniably has to be the ultimate parameter of your final decision. It’s pretty simple to understand that houses that receive direct sunlight need relatively darker blinds to act as absorbers of the glare and heat while keeping it cool inside.

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