Choosing Smartly For Kitchen Blinds

Kitchen windows, in terms of being given attention as to how they must be covered, are often neglected. While many do not feel the need to treat kitchen windows in any way at all and leave them as it is, others suffice with makeshift arrangements thereby compromising on the finesse of the kitchen, a space that requires much attention to detail but surprisingly, isn’t given remotely as much. Blinds, as such, are a low maintenance option fit for more casual spaces like kitchen. But making a choice is risky since all at the same time, you need enough air and light coming in to make working there tolerable but need enough privacy as well so that you are able to occasionally sit and eat there.

We’ve come up with a few options regarding choosing smartly for kitchen blinds.

Sheer Fabric Blinds Work Well

Choosing a sheer material for kitchen blinds will smartly reconcile between the factors of privacy and airiness as discussed before. They do not block the light and fresh air off completely simultaneously providing just enough seclusion from outside. Blinds made out of loosely woven fabrics are a fitting choice as such.

Choose Earthy Colors

It is inevitable that kitchen blinds require a few notches more maintenance than the ones in the rest of your house, for obvious reasons. Color is a crucial aspect where the maintenance cost is high. We suggest going for colors neither too dark nor too light as both would demand cleaning in very short intervals. Choose earthy colors like browns, foliage greens and neutrals over which dust and soil do not appear as clearly.

Opt For Horizontal Blinds

Opting for horizontal rather than vertical blinds is a clever choice in limiting the maintenance costs. As they are closed upward rather than sideward, they can be kept significantly away from water and oil splashes and stains of any kind.

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