4 Great Reasons to Install Interior Plantation Shutters

Are you considering installing interior plantation shutters? If not, why not? We take a look at 4 great reasons why you really should consider it.

interior plantation shutters

Are you looking for the perfect window treatment? Something beautiful and classic to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter?

Consider shutters as an alternative to plastic blinds or heavy curtains. A good set of plantation shutters are not only beautiful but save you some money in the long run.

In this article, we’ll discuss 4 great reasons to install interior plantation shutters.

1. They’re Timeless

When choosing window treatments, it’s important to remember the longevity of the design. Trendy, printed curtains look great now, but may not look so great in 10 years. Plus, curtains fade and degrade after years of sun exposure.

And if you’re buying high-quality window coverings, you want to have them as long as possible. Plantation shutters have a timeless look. You know

2. You Control Light and Ventilation

Shutters offer flexibility in their design. You choose the amount of light and ventilation that comes through them simply by moving the crossbar up or down. This way, you can direct light up or down, or close it off completely.

Plantation shutters make it easy for you to adjust the level of ventilation in a room too. By opening the window and then adjusting how far the shutters open, you control how much air comes in and out of the room.

This gives you privacy and airflow.

3. They’re Safe and Easy to Clean

Plantation shutters don’t need pull cords to work. They work with a crossbar instead. The crossbar opens or closes the shutter with a slight push or pull.

Pull cords are dangerous for children and pets. It’s too easy for them to get caught in the cord and trip or strangle themselves. Opting for shutters gives you that added peace of mind when you have little ones running around.

Also, shutters are super easy to clean! Unlike curtains or drapes, they don’t need laundering. Easily wipe down your plantation shutters with a cloth and you’re good to go!

4. Efficiency Saves You Money

Because you control the light the shutters let in, you control the energy savings too. Plantation style shutters are usually made of wood or thick plastic. Both serve as an excellent window insulation material.

Who wants to save money on heating and cooling? (Hands shoot up in the air.) Of course, you do.

They’re also great for preserving your beautiful furniture. Shutters let you deflect sunlight away from furniture without having to block out the sun completely. This lets you keep the light in your home without unnecessary sun exposure.

Are Interior Plantation Shutters for You?

So the question remains: Are interior plantation shutters right for you? Let’s review the benefits of these fabulous window coverings.

Not only do they look great, but their timeless look never goes out of style. They allow you to control the amount of light and ventilation that flows through your room.

Shutters are safer than blinds because they don’t have pull cords. And they’re easier to clean than heavy drapes that require dry cleaning. Plus, they’ll save you money by insulating your windows better than other window coverings.

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