How to Choose Blind Colors So They Coordinate With Your Wall

When choosing blinds, you want to pick colors that coordinate with your wall. Read on to learn how to choose blind colors that work with your wall.
 blind colors

There may only be 24 crayons in the deluxe Crayola crayon box we all wanted as children, but the human eye can see over 10 million different colors.

That number might seem overwhelming when you’re thinking about blind colors.

However, there are no real “rules” when it comes to choosing blind colors.

Sure, there are rules for color when it comes to fashion, like the adage of not mixing black and brown together. But with blinds, it’s really your own personal choice guiding you here.

Let’s go over some blind colors you might consider.

White Blinds

White blinds typically come with homes or rented apartments. While they do their job, they can look a little basic against a white or beige wall. However, if you have wider blinds and slats, they can actually look pretty interesting against any type of wall.

While white blinds may seem totally basic, they don’t have to be. You can jazz them up with a window treatment, experiment with texture.

Generally, white blinds are also good if you’re not interested in drawing attention to your windows or blinds. Other neutral colors are good for ensuring your company doesn’t become overly fixated on your windows.

Blind Colors That Keep the Light Out

While most blinds are made of aluminum, these aren’t necessarily the best choice if you want to keep the light out.

Blinds are fantastic in that you can kind of see out, but no one can see in. You can toggle them just slightly in order to let in some light.

But what if you work the night shift and you want to pass out during the day? Well, in that case, you’ll want darker blinds.

. Black or brown blinds, especially made of PVC, wood or faux wood are perfect for keeping out the light.

What Mood Are You Going For?

As there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to blind and their contrast to the wall. It’s all really about personal style.

If you’re going for a sleek modern feel, blacks and greys tend to be a popular choice. Or, if you’re going for a calm and relaxing atmosphere, especially for a bedroom, neutral colors work well.

Do you like the current copper and slightly British Colonial theme that’s going on right now? With banana leaf prints and tropical designs, faux wooden brown or dark beige blinds work perfectly. They especially contrast well with dark blue or green walls.

Ultimately, It’s Your Call

Blind colors are really up to you. If you feel overwhelmed by your choices, consider consulting with an interior designer. He or she can help you narrow down your selection and choose the best blinds for your home and your particular needs.

For more information on blinds and our services, visit our website. We can’t wait to help you pick out the perfect complements to your home!

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