Graber Window Treatments – Go Green

Preserving Mother Nature is our responsibility. To play our part as environmentally responsible citizens, it is important that we choose products for our homes that are environment friendly. For example if you are looking for window treatments for your home, consider investing in coverings that are eco-friendly.

Graber window fashions are a true example of green living. This manufacturer offers a wide range of innovative, stylish, and eco-friendly window dressings to both home and commercial owners.

Graber doesn’t just claim to be environmentally responsible; it’s true in practice too! Green living is the guiding principle for every product they produce. Graber uses the best and sustainable practices to create and manufacture their window fashions. The company is conscious of its environmental impact. They continuously strive for a greener future.

Let’s take a look at their green practices:

  1. Recycling

Graber recycles all plastics, paper, waste wood, and metals in their plants, ensuring that these materials don’t add to landfills.

  1. Water Conservation

It uses water cooling closed loop system to conserve water. The water cooling closed loop systems reduces plant water requirements and discharge.

  1. Clean Air Conservation

For manufacturing natural shades and blinds, Graber only sources and uses renewable hardwood and materials like jute, bamboo, and grass. To minimize air pollution from their plants, Graber uses Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified Materials with low particle emission and chemicals.

  1. Energy Conservation

Intelligently deployed with insulation properties, Graber window treatments conserve energy brilliantly. By installing Graber coverings in your home, you can regulate the sun’s rays and control temperature inside the home by keeping it warm during winters and cold during summers, cutting down a great deal of electricity consumed to power air conditioners and heaters.

To learn more about Graber Window Treatments and their green practices, feel free to contact us! We are just a call away. Blinds & Shades By Martha serving Miami Coral Springs Cooper City Deerfield Beach and surrounding areas (954) 338-776.

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