Window Treatments That Improve Your Home’s Privacy

Our homes aren’t just a place where we can freely hang out; they are our sanctuaries where we feel safe, where we can relieve ourselves from all worldly stresses, and where we feel comfortable in our own skin. In order to create such an ambiance, one needs privacy. No one likes to be pried upon, which is why home security has become such a major issue these days. With mad clowns on the loose and the booming rate of street crimes, one stops to think if they are really secure or not.

If you get your window treatments installed, you can be. When privacy is the main concern, here are the different window treatments that will work best for you. At Martha’s blinds, we have these and many more types of window coverings that will make your feel safer.


The reason they are many customers’ top pick is that they allow you to control the amount of light in the room. Being the most appropriate choice for offices, they come with adjustable slats (vertical and horizontal) that can be pulled up and down or sideways. They come in an impressive range of materials, including faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum.


Shades offer a myriad of opportunities as they are available in a variety textures, patterns, and fabrics. They look the best when installed in bedrooms as they have a romantic flair attached to them, all thanks to their billowy cloths.

Shutters and Draperies:

Shutters are a permanent form of window treatments that are great for bathrooms to filter the outside view. Draperies, on the other hand, are a much classier choice of window treatments as they have pulling cords, a pulley, and rods. They are mostly installed in larger areas, such as living rooms, to offer the optimum level of privacy.

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