Familiar Surroundings: Getting Comfortable in Your New Home

Moving into a new home takes time – it’s a process full of stops and starts and changes until you get it just the way you want. Even if you moved in knowing exactly what should go where, the adjustments and improvements will go on for months, even years. But there are a few things you can do right away to help speed things along and begin turning a new house into a new home. Upping your coziness factor can go a long way toward helping your family settle in and get comfortable, and alleviate some of the homesickness that younger members of the family might be feeling. Consider these tips to help turn your new home into the one you’ve always imagined.


The last thing you want to do upon moving in is to wade through a lot of clutter. Ideally, you want to take care of the problem before moving, but if that’s not possible, go through it all as you unpack boxes, making separate piles for what you’ll donate, recycle, give to family and friends, and what you’ll keep. Decluttering makes the job of getting settled in and decorating a whole lot easier. Consider placing excess belongings into storage during the moving process to simplify things. A quick online search can provide you with sample costs of nearby storage units. Note that the average price of a storage space in Miami, Florida, over the last six months is $104.05.

Break out the artwork

Having family photos and artwork up on the walls is a good start, a reminder that the space you’re filling up truly belongs to you. Surrounding oneself with art is a proven means of reducing stress and and getting comfortable with one’s surroundings. Even if you prefer to wait a while before getting out the really big pieces, make a point of hanging a few of the family’s favorite items (the family Christmas portrait, hunting trophies, etc.) so that everyone starts to feel at home.

Add greenery

There’s always a strong element of stress involved in moving and turning the unfamiliar into something you can recognize and love. There’s nothing quite like adding a few green plants to remove some of the anxiety of trying to create a space that’s just right for everyone. You don’t have to run out and invest in a bunch of exotic and expensive plants; instead, opt for a few easy-to-care-for plants that lend a relaxing air to what will probably be a hectic environment for the foreseeable future. Consider planting a few fresh herbs in small pots you can keep around the kitchen, and place fresh and aromatic flowers on the dining room table.

Let in the light

Research has shown that human beings need exposure to natural light to be healthy and happy. Add shades and blinds custom-fitted for your home, and consider adding horizontal or vertical blinds and shutters and roller shades. Browse the selection at Blinds & Shades by Martha or take advantage of their free shop at home service to see what window treatments look best in your home. Once you decide, open them to let the sunlight in and, if possible, let some fresh air to flow through as well. For parts of the house that don’t get a lot of natural light, add soft and relaxing lighting (LED or incandescent lighting work well). Incorporate a mix of lamps, flameless candles, and string lights to provide sufficient lighting. Dimmer switches let you adjust lighting based on the time of day, while smart lighting uses sensors to adjust lighting when someone enters a room. Keep in mind that installing a new light fixture will typically fall between $223 and $328 if you work with a pro, so focus on inexpensive DIY lighting changes if you can when you first move in. You can always make bigger changes later once you and your family have settled in.

Get out the comfy stuff

It’s not unusual to make do with makeshift circumstances while you’re weeding through everything and arranging each room. That can mean living with a certain amount of discomfort and inconvenience, but you can improve the situation by covering couches and chairs with soft, thick blankets and pillows. Use them to create a comfortable TV-watching area on the floor for your children to make them feel at home.

When you’re moving into a new house, feng shui matters. It can mean different things to each individual, but the bottom line is to establish a homey living environment as quickly as possible. The more reassuring and familiar objects you can surround yourself with, the better.

Courtesy of Pixabay.com.

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