Duette Honeycomb Shades- Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Keeping homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a big challenge for many home owners. Frequent use of heaters and air-conditioners results in huge energy bills. Where many struggle to pay monthly energy bills, there are some who look for solutions to curtail this cost. Believe it or not, investing in the right window treatment for your home can significantly lower your energy cost while improving the comfort level and overall home décor.

Duette Honeycomb Shades- Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Duette honeycomb shades also known as cellular shades are a great choice. These shades are both stylish and energy efficient. Duette shades from Hunter Douglas feature a unique honeycomb construction. It is embedded with intricate cell work that serves as an insulating blanket which makes Duette highly energy efficient. It traps air and helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm during winters.

These shades are available in both single and double layering. Like the name suggests, the double honeycomb construction sandwiches 2 honeycomb layering. It traps air more efficiently as compared to single construction.

Choose From a Wide Assortment of Fabrics

You don’t have to compromise on style, when you invest in Duette honeycomb shades. Duette shades from Hunter Douglas, is a smart combination of fashion and functionality. These shades are available in various fabrics and colors. Mix and match and customize according to your own style and taste.

Other Benefits of Investing in Duette Shades

Other benefits you can enjoy are:

  • Ideal for large expanses of sliding glass doors and windows
  • Sound absorption- These shades can improve room acoustic and reduce the intensity of sound. However, the degree of sound control is largely dependent on the fabric you choose.

For more information or to learn what fabric you must choose to ensure maximum sound absorption, feel free to contact us. We are just a call away. Blinds & Shades By Martha serving Miami Coral Springs Deerfield and the surrounding areas

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