Curtain Fabric Types: How to Choose the Best One

Wondering how to pick to best curtains to go with your home’s style and decor? Check out this guide to curtain fabric types to get started.

You’ve chosen your color scheme.

It’s now time to choose your curtains. But first of all, why do you need curtains?

Curtains control the amount of light that enters your home and influence the color scheme of your room. This gives you home’s interior a unique ambiance.

Some things to consider when choosing curtain fabric types include the texture, durability, pattern or color, length, and ease of cleaning.

In this piece, we’ll look into some of the best materials for curtains to help you choose the right curtains for your home. Let’s dive into it!

Cotton Curtains

Whether a cotton and polyester mix or 100% cotton, cotton fabrics are the most common on the market. They’re strong and versatile materials that perfectly suit any window.

They’re often lighter than other fabrics and thus require lining when using for blinds or curtains. Not only does lining help the curtains hang better, but it also ensures they last longer since it protects against sun damage.

Silk Curtains

Silk is arguably the best fabric for drapes. It’s heavier and offers a romantic appeal that’s perfect for formal dining rooms or bedrooms. Silk curtains should only be dry-cleaned, mind you, making them a more time-consuming choice in terms of laundering.

If you’re using silk in rooms with lots of natural light, make sure to protect your curtains with a lighter-colored panel lining or window shades since sunlight easily damages silk. There are faux silk curtains available that are more durable and easier to launder.

Velvet Curtains

Figured and plain velvets are soft and beautiful, and best used as drapery fabric. Velvet is a medium weight fabric typically made of cotton, silk, rayon, or synthetics. Its smooth texture and high luster create beautiful, stylish folds of fabric.

Fairly inexpensive and crease resistant, velvet wears well.

Linen Curtains

If you want a relaxed style that’s less traditional or formal, linen is probably the best curtain material.

Linen is available in lightweight and heavyweight options, but it’s typically prone to creasing. With noticeable natural slubs, linen fabrics have character.

Ideal for shabby chic styles, linen curtains are also perfect if you want some light in your room while also covering your window for privacy.

Since linen is a natural fiber, it’ll get damaged in the sun faster than an artificial fiber. So, bear this in mind if you’re using it on your window.

Polyester Curtains

A common fabric to make curtains, polyester is easy to clean, durable, affordable, and resistant to creases.

Polyester is an excellent choice for bedrooms or living rooms, but it shouldn’t be used in kitchens, as it’s susceptible to keeping odors, it’s flammable, and hinders air flow.

Polyester curtains are available in various designs and styles, but since it’s difficult to remove stains on this material, homes with kids should opt for darker colors.

Curtain Fabric Types: A Summary

From cotton to polyester, there are various types of curtain materials out there that can improve your home’s decor.

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