4 Cracking Tips on Choosing the Perfect Window Treatment for Your Home

When it comes to choosing new window treatments for your home, there is a lot more to it than just choosing the color and style. You also have to consider the furnishings in the room and even the architecture of the home. How a blind looks from inside the room can be a world of difference from its outside appearance, so think curb appeal.

Bearing all this in mind, here are our top tips for choosing the best blinds for your new window treatments.

1. Clever Color Choice

While you may be a fan of bright and vibrant colors, having bright red or purple window treatments seriously hampers you if you have a complete change of direction further down the line and want to redecorate.

Yet if the thought of a neutral color fills you with dread, why not go for a silvery gray which works well with almost every style of decor so you can redecorate several times.

2. Smart Style

Venetian, Roman, vertical – the list goes on and on when it comes to the style of blinds available today. If you are fan of the popular industrial look you may be tempted to go for the slim, aluminum style Venetian blinds, but remember what we said earlier about curb appeal. Many people still associate these kinds of blinds with bathrooms and kitchens, and while you may feel very strongly about this, if the room you want to hang the blinds in is at the front of the house it is worth thinking twice about it.

Roller blinds are another style of window treatments most associated with bathrooms yet in the wide range of colors you can now get them in, they are suitable for any room. The blackout versions are particularly useful for kids’ bedrooms to help get them to sleep during the summer when it is light until much later, or for night shift workers.

3. Marvelous Materials

This very much comes down to personal choice and how much effort you are prepared to put into taking care of your window treatments.

Vinyl blinds attract dust, so prepare to spend some time keeping them in pristine condition. Fabric vertical blinds can usually go in the washing machine but check this with your supplier as some have discovered to their chagri,n that their blinds weren’t washable and have shrunk. Wooden Venetian blinds just need a wipe down and don’t show the dust the way vinyl ones do.

The care of blinds is something buyers often overlook when it should really be one of their top priorities.

4. Get a pro in to get those sizes right!

If you are looking for new window treatments then you will need quotes from suppliers. You can of course select ready made blinds, but this is basically a one-size-fits-all solution that generally can have an unprofessional look when fitted, with many either overlapping or leaving gaps. For a quality finish and appearance, professionally measured and fitted blinds is the only way to go.

We haven’t covered every aspect of finding the perfect blinds for your home, we just hope to give you a brief guide of what is out there and what to consider when looking for the ideal blinds to compliment your decor and provide the ultimate finishing touch to your home.

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