Controlling Lighting and Utility Bills with Window Treatments!
Deciding how much light you let enter inside your home can make a huge difference to the inside environment as well as the energy costs you pay. Too much light can be disruptive, make the home warmer and even fade out the flooring and furniture.
Here are some tips to control lighting and vary its impact within the house with the right window treatments:
Have a Blackout!
Blackout shades are a smart way to filter the sunlight and restrict it from coming inside at all! These blinds are ideal for small windows that unnecessarily let light in, and you can also get the insulated variety to block the heat as well and keep the room cool during the hot months. By regulating the temperature inside the home, these blinds also help improve the performance of the air conditioning, bringing a reduction in your overall energy costs.
Blind It When You Want
One of the main advantages of having adjustable blinds is that you can decide in advance when and how much light should come within the house. Blinds filter the light beautifully, and can also be layered and combined with curtains in accentuating shades to make it all the more appealing and beautiful. The choice of blinds also matters a lot when it comes to light filtering – wider slats will result in more sunlight passing through, while narrow slats will make the room darker. The color of the blinds is also a great factor to be considered. Dark colors block light, while lighter ones comparatively let more rays inside.
Shutters Shut It All
Other window treatments such as plantation shutters can protect your privacy and maintain a calm and serene environment inside while adding to the design element. You can create a harmonious effect by choosing colors and patterns that match well with the interior of your home while controlling the light passing through at the same time. Blinds & Shades By Martha can help with all of your window treatments serving Miami Coral Springs Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas

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