Cleaning your window treatments

Window treatments allow enhancing the aesthetics of your windows and the entire room. However, with added decoration comes added responsibility of cleaning and maintenance. In this article, we will explore how to clean and maintain different types of window treatments.

Window blinds

If you have aluminum horizontal or plastic blinds, you can clean them by first removing dust from the top. Close the blinds and use a hand held vacuum cleaner or a duster to wipe off dust. Also make sure to close from the other side so that dust is removed from both sides. Alternatively, you can clean plastic blinds using a cleaning spray. Take a sponge or clean cloth, spray into it and wipe off dirt from both sides. For wood blinds, never use any water or other liquids that have some water content. Always use a special wood cleaning spray by spraying it on a clean cloth and then cleaning each slat. In the case of fabric blinds such as honeycomb shades, using a sponge and washing detergent works best.

Window shades

For everyday cleaning, use a hand held vacuum cleaner. Set the lowest setting for suction and clean using its brush attachment. The brush will help to get rid of hard stains much more easily.

If you want to clean it more thoroughly, then see the washing instructions on the fabric shades and then have it professionally dry-cleaned. If the shades are not cleaned according to the fabric’s requirements, dry-cleaning could damage it.

Drapes and curtains

Check the instructions before cleaning your curtains and drapes. Proper attention needs to be given to ensure the material is not damaged in the cleaning process. Look for symbols relating to maximum cleaning temperature, drying and whether iron can be used or not.

For everyday maintenance, a gentle use of vacuum cleaner using a brush attachment is sufficient to clean dirt and remove dust. If the curtain has any spots or stains, then apply baby powder on a toothbrush to remove them.

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