Tips on Choosing the Right Window Treatment Fabric

You can transform any room in your home with the right window treatment. With new window dressings, you can make a big design statement even functionality of the window coverings is the only thing you’re looking for. The following tips will help you choose the right window treatment fabric if you’re looking to explore the custom made or DIY option.

Keep the mood of the room in mind

Defining the mood of the room you’re working in is important to begin things. Richness and weight that give off a more luxurious feel are what heavy silk and velvet provide for a formal space. Consider billowy linen and crushed velvet for a casual space such as the office or bedroom. Also, if you’re looking to add a crisp, neat feel to any room then cotton and wool blends will suit you just fine.

Take the Room’s Décor into consideration

Consider the furniture and artwork, important to the overall look of the space once you’ve defined the mood of the room. Decide if you want the window treatments to stand out in contrast or blend with the pieces. Choose window treatment fabrics in the same tone as the décor for blending purposes. On the other hand, you have much room for creativity with bold fabric when looking to stand out in contrast.

Decide what function you want the Window Treatments to serve

Just like the color and texture, the fabric weight is an important thing that you need to consider. Decide on the function of the window treatments in order to choose the right fabric. Heavy fabric will be better option than light, airy fabric for you if you want to block out sunlight in your bedroom. A fabric supplier can help you identify the right types of fabric for your window treatments.

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