Cellular Window Treatments

Cellular shades are an example of aesthetics very sensibly blended with functionality and practicality. Their design on the outside is pleated and since they are double layered, that pleated design creates honey comb shaped open spaces in the middle of the layers of a single blind. The vacuum thus created in the middle creates insulation the advantages of which are numerous. Layers can also be increased to more than two based on the level of insulation and light blockade required. Also, making insulation means that the extremity of weather does not affect the places that have these shades on the windows.

They Are Weather Neutral

As mentioned as well, the insulation that these blinds, owing to their design, create comes with a lot of benefits; the most important of them being the weather factor. They keep you warm in the winter and cold in the summers thus being an all year round option. This also minimizes your window treatment costs to a large extent.

They Are Cord Less, Hence Safer

If you are a household with children, this advantage will definitely appeal to you. These blinds can simply be lifted and lowered down by hands. Wherever you leave them, they stay there. This makes them a safer option for children particularly and everyone generally. The risk of tripping over dangling cords of the blinds becomes irrelevant here.

They Come In Top Down As Well

Most of the blinds have a bottom up design, which means you typically roll them up from the bottom. But cellular blinds give you the option of top down as well; this implies that you can roll them down from the top. This feature is essential for privacy purposes where you want the light to enter the room but still wish to keep the seclusion and privacy intact.

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