Garner Attention With Your Window Blinds

Window treatments, apart from the obvious functionality, also play major part in building the aesthetic of a room. Having an impressive focal point i.e. center of attention in a room setting is something which is considered the success of interior design as a whole and is often the goal of interior decorators. Windows are often used to create focal point in the room and window treatments play a huge role in building it. There is a multitude of ways you can model your window treatments to make them the focal point of your room.

By creating a contrasting effect

If your room walls are brightly colored and you feel that they are taking attention away from the window which you wanted as the focus, put shades that cancel the impact of the brightness. Grey is a color that works best with almost any category of bright colors. Put up dark grey window shades to bring attention right back to the window. In order to see how it looks, check out the ones Martha’s Blinds have for you here.

By Beating the Plainness

In a rather plainly painted and set room that does not catch the attention of the eye at any point, window treatments can be utilized to create an element of surprise and a focal point. In such a room, use dark colored wooden blinds that break the plain monotony by adding form and color to the whole setting. Martha’s Blinds has a variety of such window blinds that perfectly serve this purpose. Go through them and see what suits best to your requirements.

By Adding Texture

Window treatments can also work into breaking the monotony as discussed before when, in between the plainness and simplicity, there is an element that has texture in it. Unlike the plain surfaced blinds or shades that use color as the dominant factor in building the focal point, a textured blind does it on the basis of the form of its surface. This can be achieved using materials such as jute or bamboo, both of which have a strikingly visible texture. See the ones we have here at Martha’s Blinds

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