Build a Healthy Home with Eco-friendly Window Treatments
With spring approaching, the dust and allergens trapped in window treatments can often cause you to develop sneezing, coughing and even skin rash. Stay allergy free and keep the sneezing and itchy eyes away with these smart window treatments:
Lighter is the Way to Go
The heavier fabrics you use for the curtains and blinds, the more difficult it would be to clean them. Investing in lightweight fabrics means you can put them in the washing machine once a week, getting rid of all the allergy causing pollen and dust trapped inside. Always check first before washing as some fabrics need to be dry cleaned.
Eco Solutions for the Win!
The green trend in home design is not only good news for the environment, but also for your health! A lot of people are allergic to the chemicals and dyes commonly used in manufacturing processes, and curtains and shades made with hypoallergenic materials like bamboo or organic cotton solve these issues in no time. Plus they are easier to clean and maintain as well, which makes them good for all seasons!
Maintenance is Key
Blinds or shades that are easier to dust and clean regularly will trap a lesser amount of dust in the long term. You can also go for special materials that have a hard and non porous surface and thus are more resistant to accumulating allergens and dust. Another great option is choosing vertical blinds instead of horizontal – they will be much easier to clean and dust away every morning reducing your washer workload for the week.
Need more suggestions on how to choose window treatments for your home that are a healthier and smarter choice in the long run both in terms of convenience and affordability? Contact Blinds & Shades By Martha now and we will help you find the best options that fit your custom requirements for every individual room in your house. Serving Miami Coral Springs Deerfield and the surrounding areas.

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