Top 4 Reasons to Choose Blinds over Curtains

Finished decorating? Wondering how to perfect your room decoration? Struggling with the dilemma of whether to install blinds or curtains? If yes, then this post is a must read for you, as we explore the top 4 reasons to choose blinds over curtains.

Let’s get started:

Reason 1- Blinds are More Functional

As compared to curtains, blinds are more functional. You can adjust the blinds according to your needs in terms of privacy control and light filtration. With blinds you can easily choose to partially cover your windows or open vanes to allow light inside while shielding the interior décor of your house from the glaring and damaging ultra violet rays.

Reason 2- Low Maintenance

Blinds are low maintenance. They can be easily cleaned with a duster which makes the process of keeping them tidy simple and hassle-free. However, curtain cleaning can be a challenge. They have to be taken down and washed properly. This can be challenging if you have heavy and thick curtains installed in your house.

Reason 3- Look Sleek and Contemporary

When it comes to visual appeal, there is no denying that curtains do look luxurious but are they a perfect match for your modern décor? Well, not so much! Unlike the heavy traditional décor, modern décor is more sleek and lighter. To match your décor, you need contemporary window treatments which make blinds, hands down, the best option to decorate your room with. Blinds look stylish and classy. Some manufacturers also offer blinds integrated with new technology features like one touch button operating systems which makes them a great choice for smart homes.

Reason 4- Choices are Endless

From a variety of fabric options to endless color choices to different types like honeycomb blinds and roller blinds, you can get blinds customized according to your style, taste and other needs.

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