Bathroom Window Treatments: The Best Options to Choose

If you’re looking for window treatments for your bathroom, we’re here to help. We look at the very best options for your bathroom window treatments.

bathroom window treatments

Want to? Bathroom window treatments should get you on the right track.

As a general rule, window treatments for bathrooms must provide two things: privacy and light control. Durability is also a factor since most window treatments have a lifespan of 7-8 years. Finally, they need to liven up your home decor.

Still searching for that perfect window treatment for your bathroom? Here are the 5 most popular options you should consider.

1. Cafe Curtains

Want to make sure your bathroom receives a lot of natural light? Cafe curtains allow you to keep your view intact at the cost of some privacy. From the outside, passersby will be able to see silhouettes and shadows.

In other words, consider your bathroom’s location. If the window is facing away from the street or if you live on the second floor, cafe curtains will be a great fit. Otherwise, consider some of the treatments we’ve outlined below.

2. Vinyl Shutters

If you’re going for a traditional look, you can’t go wrong with shutters. Vinyl shutters give off the same rustic feel as their woody brethren, but they’re easier to care for.

Now, shutters aren’t known for providing a lot of natural light. To get around that, consider installing them only on the lower part of your bathroom frame. That way, you’ll get your privacy while basking in the sunlight.

3. Roman Shades

As an all-around solution, roman shades are second to none. They’re beautiful, practical, and functional. Other than letting you control natural light, they absorb sound and add softness to hard surfaces.

Another great thing about roman shades is their versatility. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to find a style that matches your current decor. Still, keep in mind to pick a fabric resistant to mildew.

4. Valances

Much like roman shades, valances come in many styles. They’re best used to introduce some color to your bathroom, as they can brighten up any space. If you want to conceal your hardware in a stylish way, look no further than valances.

Again, the main downside is the lack of privacy. If your bathroom wasn’t built with privacy in mind, adding valances will do little to change that. What they can do is enhance the look of blinds and shades you already have.

5. Faux Wood Blinds

Due to their elegance, wood blinds are always a popular choice for bathroom window coverings. In recent years, though, faux wood has emerged as a superior product. The reason is simple enough: the lack of maintenance.

In high moisture areas like bathrooms, real wood tends to warp and crack. To keep it in shape, you’ll need to clean it on a regular basis. Faux wood sidesteps this issue while providing the same traditional look.

More on Bathroom Window Treatments

As you can see, adding style to your bathroom is easier than it may seem. Of course, the great thing about window treatments is that they do more than that. They also provide privacy, functionality, and versatility.

Want a professional opinion on which bathroom window treatments to choose? We may be able to help you out! Contact us right here, and we’ll recommend a style that suits your bathroom decor to a tee.

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