5 Window Treatments That Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Did you know that the right window treatments can help lower energy bills? Read on to learn the top 5 that will help lower your energy bills.
 lower energy bills

You can lower your energy bills by changing out your window treatments. That’s right, change your curtains and save money. How much money you ask?

Take a look at your monthly heating bill, anywhere from 12 to 30% of that is making up for heat lost through your windows. With the right window treatment, you lower that bill by up to 25%.

Change your window treatments to one of these 5 ideas so you too can have lower energy bills.

1. Shades

The best shades are more than one layer. This creates a barrier so that the transfer of heat slows. Look for shades that offer protection from glare and UV rays.

For shades to be effective, they need proper installation. Make sure they are as close to the window as possible and lay right up against the surrounding wall.

2. Blinds

These days blinds can be mounted both on the interior and exterior of your windows. The advantage of blinds is that you still have visibility and air ventilation.

Exterior blinds can be a more effective solution than interior blinds. This is because they stop the heat from ever reaching the window. If you go this route, installation is best left to a professional as they can get tricky.

3. Drapes

If you chose the right drapes they can reduce solar heat gain by up to 24%. Go for a medium color and fabric that has a plastic backing.

For effective installation, you’ll want them to start at the ceiling and go to the floor. Similar to shades, mount them as close to the window as possible for a tight seal.

4. Awnings

If you live in a particular sunny location then you need to consider adding awnings to the exterior of your home. Not only will they reduce heat gain but they will add a unique look to your home.

The best awnings have a tightly woven fabric. Go for a lighter color to help reflect the sun too.

5. Film

If you are serious about lowering your energy bills then you need to look at reflective window film. Just know that with this method you are committed to reflecting heat year round, so it’s better for climates with a shorter winter.

Go for a more silver like film over transparent options. The more opaque film is better at reflecting the sun’s rays and heat.

Enjoy Lower Energy Bills

Whether you live in a cold or hot climate, the right window treatment can help reduce the transfer of heat. If you stop the transfer of heat either in or out of the home, you will have lower energy bills.

When choosing an insulating treatment like shades or drapes the key is to create a seal around the window. If you go the blocking route with blinds or awnings the key is to reflect the heat away from your home.

Finally, if you’re serious about lowering your energy costs, put reflective film on your windows.

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